Outdoor Insights: The making of a naturalist

Creek crawling in Sequatchie County, Tenn. (Photo: Jenni Veal) Wouldn’t it be gratifying if parents could guarantee their children’s hobbies, academic interests or career paths later in life? When it comes to fostering a lifelong interest in nature, they can. In fact, the formula is textbook. The way to grow a naturalist – someone with a voracious appetite to learn about the wonders of nature and an appreciation for what is found there – requires just two ingredients: unstructured time in natural places and an adult who models [...]

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Outdoor Insights: Combating Nature Deficit Disorder

Photo: Jenni Veal Somehow the free-range outdoor days of childhood that many adults recall are no longer a part of childhood today. It's less common to hear the voices of children riding bikes, climbing trees and playing ball in the yard into the twilight hours in neighborhoods across America. Recent studies indicate that, on average, children in the U.S. spend about 30 minutes of unstructured play time outdoors each week. This crisis of childhood has a name. In his groundbreaking book Last Child in the Woods, author Richard Louv coined [...]

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