Smoky Mountains, Tennessee – Tag Monarch butterflies in Cades Cove

Tremont offers free monarch tagging programs each fall. (Photo: Tiffany Beachy, GSMIT) Fall color in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in East Tennessee is dazzling, with crisp hues of red, brown, yellow and orange painting the landscape. Each September and October, the park features another autumn spectacle—the migration of the monarch butterfly. Each fall, these bright orange and black butterflies dance through the Smokies as they begin their journey south to overwinter in Mexico. Ongoing research and tagging programs are helping scientists track monarchs, identify migration routes and understand the dynamics of the population. [...]

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Gray, Tennessee – Explore an active fossil site and museum

The Gray Fossil Site in Gray, Tenn., preserves plant and animal fossils that date back 7 to 4.5 million years. In May of 2000, Tennessee Department of Transportation highway crews working on a road-widening project in Northeast Tennessee noticed an unusually dark clay-rich deposit and an abundance of fossil bones in dirt that was being moved. State officials, geologists and paleontologists rushed in to investigate and the site was found to harbor a fantastic number of extinct and ancient animal remains. The Gray Fossil Site, as it became known, is [...]

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